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Chester - Ridley - Crum Watersheds Association

Chester - Ridley - Crum Watersheds Association

Crum Creek Watershed

Bird Watching

Significant portions of the Upper and Middle Crum and Ridley Creek Watersheds have been designated as Important Bird Areas (IBAs). IBAs are sites that provide essential habitat for one or more species of birds.  The Upper Ridley and Crum Creeks have a diversity of habitat, public access, and an existing population of rare, threatened, and declining birds.  Locally threatened species include the eastern meadowlark, the bobolink, and many neotropical migratory species such as the Kentucky warbler.  To learn more about designating an IBA, click here.

The National Audubon Society has designated these Crum Creek publicly accessible areas as IBAs:

View the list of publicly accessible bird watching areas.  

Local Birding Clubs and Walks

The Delaware Valley Bird Club meets monthly at the Marple Public Library.  For a list of local birding clubs, click here.

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